I paint the animal.

This animal that we only meet through the image. This animal that we no longer know and that we consider to be so different from us.

I stage it in such a way that it invades the space. Its exaggerated size makes it unevitable, especially in a domestic and familiar environment. The reading of the painting is disturbed, the chimera becomes an anomaly. This series of paintings illustrates the relationship between an unknown wild world and our daily lives, amplified by an unmistakable difference of scale.

After studying art at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design in Reims, I designed and produced objects and furnitures in my Toulouse studio before devoting myself to acrylic painting and digital or handwritten figurative illustration since January 2020.


2022 • Jury Prize at Les Art'titudes - Toulouse


2021 • Exhibition at the Krebsen gallery in Copenhagen - Denmark

2021 • Exhibition at ARTE Kunstsalon Konstanz - Germany

2021 • Exhibition at ARTE Messe in Wiesbaden - Germany

2021 • Exhibition at the Art Fair in Copenhagen - Denmark